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  • Making Money - Learn the Secrets to Making Money Through The Web
  • Copywriting Techniques that assure your Website Success
  • How to use a Auto Responder so that you can make money 24/7 with your website
  • How to start a business on the web before opening your doors.. This is the first step that everybody always gets wrong and could cost thousands.
  • How to get new customers to sign up to your site.
  • How to motivate your customers to purchase your products.
  • How to make sure you have the right products for sale.
  • How to make sure you provide the best service for the price.
  • How to make your money grow into a fortune through internet marketing.
  • How To Start A Fire Extinguisher and Fire Protection Business
  • Growing Your Bottom Line
  • Fire Protection Training, Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service Training, Fire Extinguisher Use Training
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  • How to set up systems and processes within you company which can be duplicated no matter who you hire.
  • Fire Protection Training, Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service Training, Fire Extinguisher Use Training
  • Bilingual Motivational Speaking
  • Bilingual Safety Training
  • Bilingual Restaurant Employee Training
  • Bilingual Construction Training
  • Many More

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I hope you are doing well today. I also hope that your day is very

In this issue of the Develop University Free eLetter I am going to give you information that you
will not learn at Harvard even if you get an MBA.

Let's get started. 

When I studied Marketing and Business Administration, I was taught about SWOT. For those of you that do not what SWOT means, it means Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. But, the
word is pronounced SWAT which is a little confusing when you are trying to remember what the acronym stands for. 

The idea that I and hundreds of thousands of Marketing and Business
professionals were taught was that in order to market you must work
off of your company's Strengths, know your company's Weaknesses,
take advantage of your Opportunities, and be on the look out for any and all Threats to your company's success. 

Now this sounds like a good system in theory. But, I do not think
the SWOT marketing system is really every practiced. Sure it may be
practiced at the very highest echelons of the very top and largest
businesses but, I haven't really every seen it used. And, I have
worked in Sales and Marketing for some of the largest companies. 



I also doubt that you have as one of your goals to be the Director
of Marketing for a large multinational conglomerate.  I know

I don't. In fact, I am lucky that I know I want to run my own small
and manageable business. That is what I am good at. That is what I
enjoy. And that is what I teach. 

With that in mind, I invented my own marketing system. It is
practical and functional. It has always worked for me. ;

I call my marketing system, The D.A.W. N. Marketing System(TM). This system concentrates on the customer and yields much better results.  D.A.W.N. stands for Desires, Anticipations, Wants, and Needs. You can replace the A with many other words that start with an A as well such as....Anxieties, Angst, Anger, and other A words. 

Let's see how this marketing system works and why it is more practical than the SWOT marketing system for the small business and
internet business owner. 

Your customer's Desires are important because a person will do almost anything to get what he or she desires. In this marketing system you need to look at desires as more than just wants. For example, you may want an ice cream and think that you will buy one soon. But, think of a desire as doing everything within your power to
get an ice cream right this moment. 

Your customer's Anticipations are important because they are both
driving forces for purchases and what is holding he or she back
from making the purchase of your products or services. For example,
if he or she has had bad experiences with your type of product or
service in the past, you will have to overcome this negative
association in order to make a sell. Likewise, if she or he has had
good experiences with your products or services this anticipation can
turn into a quick sell. 

Well, that is it for today. We will go over the W and the N. of The
D.A.W. N. Marketing System(TM) in my next eLetter. I also discuss
this unique and prosperous marketing system in my eBook.                          
                                     "Internet Marketing Wealth Plan - Starter Course.   

Good Luck,

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Learn How To Use The Internet To Achieve Personal And Business Success

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But, The Majority of People Making Money on The Internet, have now programing skills. That's right. They don't know much more about programming than the average person. But, yet they are making thousands and maybe millions of dollars per year on the internet. How are they doing it? I can show you how to start your own internet based business.

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Internet Marketing Wealth Plan



  • Making Money - Learn the Secrets to Making Money Through The Web
  • Copywriting Techniques that assure your Website Success
  • How to use a Auto Responder so that you can make money 24/7 with your website
  • How to start a business. This is the first step that everybody always gets wrong and could cost thousands
  • How to get new customers to sign up to your site
  • How to motivate your customers to purchase your products.
  • How to make sure you have the right products for sale
  • How to make sure you provide the best service for the price
  • How to make your money grow into a fortune through internet marketing.

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Michael Irvin

Michael Irvin Running With Bulls

Welcome to my webpage.

Michael. Irvin

Michael Irvin

International Business Specialist with emphasis on Latin America, Colombia, Mexico, and covering all of Latin America.

"Doubled Revenue First Year, Second Year, and Third Year. By the end of the 10th year Revenues were 12 times those of the first year. That is phenomenal growth under the leadership of Michael Irvin."

Omar Jimenez Rojas, Former CFO - FESCO Fire Eq. Service Co. LLC


“Michael is a very professional and goals-oriented manager. He always works as a team player with a positive attitude His high level experience and knowledge as well as his high commitment and professionalism to any challenge, makes him a very valuable team member/leader” November 5, 2011

Adriana Galeano, Manager, FESCO Fire Equipment Service Company, LLC


"What you do today can improve all your tomorrows."
Ralph Marston

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"I've had the opportunity to travel all over the world. And in my travels I have had the privilege of meeting and knowing interesting people from all walks of life. Being fluent in Spanish and being able to speak enough to get by in about 10 other languages has served me well."

I am proudly celebrating my 23rd year as a bilingual RN and Business Management and Marketing Professional.

Michael Irvin - Bilingual marketing, management, business development, expert entrepreneur and author who has help many business large and small to develop, manage and market their business products and services.

Specialties include healthcare marketing, fire protection business development, auto repair business business development, internet marketing, direct marketing, copywriting, writing, writing advertisements and training.

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How I Become A Direct Marketing Expert

Why I Became an RN

“We've worked in some design projects and Michael Irvin was very nice to deal and accurate info for the project achievement was given. Wish him all the best and I'm pretty sure he will have a great future :-)” November 5, 2011

Claudia Mesquita, Independent Professional, artespraticas
was a consultant or contractor to Michael Irvin at UAB Hospital







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Michael Irvin References


“Michael Irvin is a reliable professional, who seeks to satisfy his customer needs. He's also a strategic negotiator highly committed.” November 5, 2011

Julian david Londoño Cifuentes, Production manager, Vestidos de baño Tropical Beach
was with another company when working with Michael Irvin at UAB Hospital


“Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity - All I can say is his work and understand of the scope of each project is world class. He is just the best. I look forward to working with Michael on more projects in the future.” January 27, 2012

Julius Uhlmann - (client)
Julius hired Michael Irvin as a consulting in 2010


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