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Michael Irvin is the founder and owner of Develop University. He currently serves as the VP of Marketing and Sales for FESCO Fire Equipment Service Company, LLC and is the President of HoodMaster Hood and Duct Cleaning in Birmingham, AL.

He started a company with zero customers in the 1990s called Southern Fire Solutions. When he decided to sell his business in 2010, he became the VP of Marketing for FESCO Fire Equipment Service Company, LLC, Birmingham, AL. He has over 20 years experience in Fire Protection, Marketing, Sales, and Management. Mr. Irvin studied Mechanical and Materials Engineering at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, AL and holds a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and Business Management. He has been the owner of two major franchises, one in the area of automotive repair and the other in fire protection and security. In addition, he has owned and operated an international import and export business, a shopping mall based retail business and other businesses.

In his extensive travels throughout Latin America, Europe, and other parts of the world he was able to see the many different businesses run and to personally observe what makes some businesses succeed while others fail.

While attempting to grow his businesses Mr. Irvin realized early that Direct Marketing and Internet Marketing were crutial in progressive business growth and success.

He is the author of several books and has other works in progress.

Regarding customer service:

Customer Service Experience:

"I have directly supervised or participated in an estimated 20,000 completed customer workorders. For me a number like that tells a customer that we are going to do the job right. We are going to do the job professionally, And we are going to give great customer service." Michael Irvin GM, FECSO Fire Equipment Service Company, LLC. He holds a Bachelors of Marketing and Management and studied law at Birmingham School of Law. Mr. Irvin is fluent in both English and Spanish. You can contact Mr. Irvin at [email protected]



“Learn and share Secrets and ideas on how to develop, open, and grow your own successful business."


Best of Luck!

Michael T. Irvin




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Your truly,

Michael Irvin

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